“Hani’s boyfriend” Yang Jae Woong confessed unexpected hardships regarding his love affair

Psychiatrist-broadcaster Yang Jae Woong confessed unexpected hardships regarding his love affair.

Yang Jae Woong appeared on SBS Power FM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time“, which aired on Feb 7th. On this day, Yang Jae Woong shared unexpected stories about his love life.

He has been dating EXID member-actress Hani since June last year. At that time, they surprised everyone by admitting their romantic relationship and revealing that they had been dating for 2 years. In particular, the fact that Hani is 9 years younger than Yang Jae Woong also attracted a lot of attention.

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On this day, Yang Jae Woong confessed that his medical knowledge is not helpful for his romantic relationship at all. When asked by Choi Hwa Jung “There must be no conflict when you’re with your girlfriend”, he honestly said, “If it’s a personal relationship, (a doctor’s communication skills) won’t help at all.”

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He added, “The least helpful department for families is psychiatry. It’s not very helpful (even in my relationship with my older brother Yang Jae Jin).” Yang Jae Woong and Yang Jae Jin are both psychiatrists. They currently run the YouTube channel “Yang Bros’ Mental World” together.


When Choi Hwa Jung asked “Isn’t your personality better than your brother’s?”, he replied, “I’m more tolerant than my brother.” He then made everyone laugh by “exposing” his brother Yang Jae Jin, “He isn’t the type to yield or be considerate.”

Yang Jae Woong also mentioned the difference between men and women when they are in love. He analyzed, “There’s a story that women want to hear ‘I love you’ from men and men want to hear ‘Thank you’ from women.”

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