Yang Hyun-suk apologized to Chinese fans for ‘YG Electronics’, said “I will fix it.”

YG’s CEO Yang Hyun-suk has apologized to angry Chinese fans regarding the Netflix sitcom ‘YG Electronics’.

Yang Hyun-suk apologized to the fans by an Instagram post on the afternoon of the 11th, saying “I sincerely apologize to Chinese fans. I have instructed people to fix and delete the wrong contents as soon as possible.” “We will pay more attention to the contents in the future.

The problem that Chinese fans had pointed out was the map of China that came out when the show was talking about JINU targeting the Chinese hip hop market.

Here, the part of the Southeast coast that should be on the map of China has disappeared.

The Chinese fans are also angry because there was a scene where Korean actors dressed in Qing Dynasty attires and said “I am a pig” in Chinese, which seemed to be pretty insulting for them.

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