Yan Ya Lun faces Qiu Yao Le at personal press conference to apologize 

Yan Ya Lun’s action is faced with backlash from netizens. 

On June 21, according to Sohu, Yan Ya Lun wrote a letter to apologize to his ex-boyfriend – Qiu Yao Le – after Yao Le accused the famous singer of nonconsensually filming and taking explicit videos and photos of him in the past. Ya Lun admitted to his wrongdoings, leaving fans and the public in shock.

Qiu Yao Le

In the afternoon of the same day, Qiu Yao Le held a press conference to address recent events; he wanted Ya Lun to face up to his faults directly. Furthermore, Yao Le claimed that Ya Lun was not genuine in his apology as he only did so when the issue was exposed. Notably, not long after the conference took place, the Taiwanese actor ran to the desk where Qiu Yao Le was sitting and apologized.

aaron yan
Qiu Yao Le kept his head down while Yan Ya Lun was facing him

Yan Ya Lun was crying when he said he had made Qiu Yao Le experience bad things in his life, and that he wished Yao Le could contact him and talk to him if he wanted to. Afterward, Ya Lun left without waiting for any response from Qiu Yao Le.

aaron yan

The event became a hot topic on Weibo China. Netizens criticized Ya Lun’s behavior as it put more pressure on the victim and potentially triggered bad experiences and memories.

Source: Sohu

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