“Worst day in my life”, Henry released photos showing his face in bad condition

Singer Henry has released a photo of his severely swollen face.

On October 10th, singer Henry posted a photo on his Instagram with the caption, “The worst day of my life. But I finally caught it.”

In the photo, Henry’s face is red and swollen, not in just one, but in many places. Moreover, he has a large and wide area of ​​swelling that is unimaginable for a normal mosquito bite, causing concern.

At the end, he posted a photo of him catching a mosquito, suggesting that the wound was the mark of a mosquito bite.

The singer also expressed his anger, saying, “I can’t really take revenge. What should I do?”

Henry fans who saw the photos then left comments like, “If the mosquito you caught is thin, the culprit is not him”, “If the mosquito bite a person like that, it will bleed when caught. But this is so neat, the real culprit is hiding”, “That’s enough for the hospital Aren’t you supposed to go there?” and so on.

henry lau

On the other hand, Henry had previously been embroiled in a “pro-China controversy” while promoting in China.

In response, Henry recently explained through his agency, “We refrained from responding to personal attacks, malicious distortions, and spreading false information, but we took strict legal actions because we thought we could no longer overlook excessive threats and threats to our families.”

Source: Wikitree

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