WINNER’s guerilla concert “Holiday In The City” attracted over 20,000 audiences: Even an old man jammed along to their music 

Coming back as a whole after a 2-year hiatus, WINNER proves their charm is still undefeated. 

For a long time, WINNER has been known to the Korean public as a group with trustworthy music, unique colors, and members’ clean personal lives. Dubbed a “monster rookie” upon debut, after the massive hit “Really Really”, WINNER gained even more popularity. WINNER may not have one of the most sizable fandoms among 3rd gen boy groups, but their level of public recognition is without doubt at the top. The biggest reason for this is their music, which is public friendly and enjoyable. 

Therefore, after a 2-year hiatus from group activities, WINNER’s latest comeback has garnered great attention from both fans and the Korean public.

On July 10, WINNER’s guerilla concert “Holiday In The City” took place at Han River Park. The free concert was part of WINNER’s comeback promotions for their newest mini album “HOLIDAY”. 

WINNER’s concert reportedly drew more than 20,000 audiences, including not only fans but also casual listeners. Although the performance lasted only over 60 minutes, there were many unforgettable moments.

In addition to showing off their amazing talents, WINNER members also made sure the audiences had a blast with them by boasting their entertainment skills. Surprised by the crowd, Seunghoon did a hilarious expression, making everyone laugh.

After the concert ended, there were more than 80 articles published about “Holiday In The City”. This is the clearest proof of WINNER’s appeal to the Korean public. 

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