WINNER: “YG’s situation can’t stop us, we just go where we should go”

WINNER said they had worked on their new album without being disturbed by the chaotic situation surrounding their agency YG Entertainment.

On May 16th, WINNER has had an interview and talked about their thought during the comeback this time to celebrate the release of their new mini album “WE” at Conrad Hotel in Yeouido, Seoul. This album is the first one in six months since “MILLIONS,” which was released in December last year.

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When asked about their title track “AH YEAH” killing the #1 spot on digital charts leading to a successful comeback, WINNER said, “It would be a lie if we said we didn’t expect anything at all. We said we’d like to have good result, but the prediction is not something we can do. When you release a song or make a comeback, you need a lot of luck. We are even more nervous now. We would like to say thank you to the audience and thank my fans,” he said.

WINNER made a comeback at a such a chaotic time inside and outside, including the Burning Sun scandal involving former Big Bang member Seungri and his connection to YG Entertainment.

WINNER Kang Seung-yoon said, “It is indeed a chaotic situation, but our album didn’t have much trouble because we were working on it by ourselves. Rather than feeling psychologically stressed, we were preoccupied with our work with the idea of presenting our music to our fans as fast as possible,” he said.

“There was no order for us in that chaotic time. They just told us to “do what you need to do and prepare for your fans”. We had buried ourselves in work and composing. We are able to make a comeback because there was no pressure on us,” he added.

CEO Yang Hyun Suk also sent his support. Kang Seung-yoon said thankfully, “The response from CEO Yang Hyun-suk was good. The four new songs which were chosen to be released are different in style. He complimented us on that part. There’s a group chat where we exchange results, and today he sent us a message saying, ‘I think you will have a good result thanks to your efforts”. I’m grateful to him again for being supportive.”

The new album “WE” dealt with different emotions while maintaining WINNER’s light colors. The album features a total of six tracks, including the title track “AH YEAH,” Song Min-ho’s self-produced songs, including “ZOO”, “MOLA” and “Boom,” as well as two special bonus tracks, including “EVERYDAY” remix version and “First Love”.

The title track “AH YEAH” is a pleasant farewell song that coolly reversed a painful breakup. It is a song written and composed by Kang Seung-yoon, which captures the realistic parting feelings while maintaining a lively WINNER’s energy.

WINNER released their new mini album at 6 p.m. on July 15 and will begin full-scale activities.

Sources: Nate

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