WINNER Kim Jinwoo tries his hand at acting through his first drama project

WINNER Kim Jinwoo will start a new chapter of his life as an actor

According to News 1 confirmation on the 5th, Kim Jin-woo will try to act in earnest through the new drama “Delivery Man” (production studio Genie).

winner jinwoo

‘Delivery Man’ is a drama about a ghost taxi whose guests are ghosts. It deals with various stories centered on a taxi driver who grants the last wishes of ghosts. It is a new work with colorful content that adds sad drama, thriller, and romance.

Kim Jin-woo takes on the role of Lee Dong-wook in the drama. Netizens expect Kim Jinwoo to show a new side of himself through this new role.

Kim Jinwoo will seriously challenge his acting skills through “Delivery Man” and show a different charm than when working as a WINNER member in the future. Kim Jinwoo, who drew attention with his great voice and great visuals as a member of WINNER, is expected to attract the public’s attention with his official acting activities. 


Previously, two actors Yoon Chan Young and Bang Min Ah confirmed their participation in the drama. It is scheduled to be released next year.

Source: news1

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