Winner and iKON members confessed, “We used to sleep on the floor”, as they were shocked knowing that TREASURE are using their own rooms

Winner Kim Jin-woo was shocked when hearing this fact from his junior TREASURE on “The Game Caterers 2”.

YG Entertainment singers, SECHSKIES’s Eun Ji-won, AKMU’s Lee Chan-hyuk, Winner’s Kim Jin-woo and Song Mino, iKON’s Kim Jin-hwan and Song Yun-hyeong, BLACKPINK Jennie, TREASURE Choi Hyun-suk and Ji-hoon, appeared on the broadcast of tvN’s entertainment program “The Game Caterers 2” on February 25th.

On this day, when Na Young-seok PD saw Winner and iKON members saying that they were still living in dorms, he asked, “Isn’t Song Minho living separately?”. As Song Mino replied, “Yes”, Na PD wondered, “When did you decide to live independently?”

The Game Caterers 2

Kim Jin-hwan said, “We can move out when we think, ‘I may get married by this time’”. Na Young-seok turned to TREASURE and asked, “So TREASURE still have a long way to go, right?”. Then Ji-hoon answered, “That’s right. We’re living together well in groups of four”.

Teammate Choi Hyun-suk added, “I’m satisfied with my own room”. Upon hearing that, Kim Jin-woo and Song Mino were shocked, “Did you just say you were using your own room?”. Song Yun-hyeong sighed deeply after asking, “You guys have just debuted for 2 years, right?”.

The Game Caterers 2

Immediately when Kim Jin-woo said, “I used to sleep on the floor”, Song Yun-hyeong replied, “I slept on the floor, too”. Choi Hyun-suk explained, “The company told us to use separate rooms as soon as we debuted”. Kim Jin-hwan and Song Yun-hyeong looked at each other and said, “Time has changed”. Kim Jin-woo added, “I’m so shocked”.

When the singers were told to pick their favorite one among their group’s songs, Eun Ji-won chose SECHSKIES’s “Couple” and said, “Isn’t it SECHSKIES’s representative song? We received so much love thanks to ‘Couple’”. Na Young-seok PD jokingly said, “At this point, did you even think that you had spent a rough time as SECHSKIES?”.

The Game Caterers 2

Eun Ji-won shared, “‘Couple’ was really famous though”, adding, “We received the Daesang at Seoul Music Awards in 1998 together with H.O.T”. Lee Chan-hyuk picked Akdong Musician’s “Don’t Cross Your Legs” as his favorite song and explained, “I made this song unintentionally, but it’s a good song. I don’t think I can make a song like this again”.

Kim Jin-woo picked Winner’s “REALLY REALLY”, while Song Mino chose “SOSO”. Jennie chose BLACKPINK’s debut song “Whistle” and explained, “We performed lots of powerful performances back then. I personally like the style of ‘Whistle’”. Kim Jin-hwan picked iKON’s best hit “LOVE SCENARIO”, then Song Yun-hyeong chose “RHYTHM TA” as his favorite track. Meanwhile, Choi Hyun-suk selected TREASURE’s comeback song “JIKJIN”, and Ji-hoon picked “BOY”, their group’s debut song. At this time, Song Mino suddenly got curious about something attached to Song Yun-hyeong’s thumb. Song Yun-hyeong replied, “I washed the dishes a lot. I’m quite obsessed with houseworks”.

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