Will Yujin (CLC) get the same poor result as her sunbae when taking part in a survival show to save her career?

Fans are worried that Yujin will have the same result in the finale of Girls Planet 999 as in the case of her 2 seniors JR and Gaeun.

As usual, every survival show organized by Mnet has at least one famous contestant who has debuted before, such as JR (Produce 101 season 2),  Lee Gaeun (Produce 48), Choi Yujin (Girls Planet 999)…

choi yujin

JR and Gaeun have something in common as they are both contestants with a certain degree of popularity, once topping the charts and their semi-final rankings were enough to help them make a re-debut.  However, they were all pushed down to 14th place and ended up losing the chance to debut.  After that, Gaeun was determined to be in 6th place, but due to the vote rigging, she could not debut with IZ*ONE.

nuest jr
lee gaeun

Only a few hours left until the finale of Girls Planet 999 will officially take place. Many viewers are concerned that Yujin will achieve the same outcomes as JR and Gaeun. Yujin was ranked 5th in the semi-final night, while JR was 7th and Gaeun was 5th, so it’s possible that the former CLC member will also fall in rank.

However, in the most recent rankings released, Yujin is currently holding 2nd place, so her chance of debut is much higher than JR or Gaeun.  And if the female idol is eliminated in the finale, the fans will need an explanation from Mnet.

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choi yujin
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