Why did T.O.P leave Big Bang? What did YG do to him?, “The harsh reality of trainees…”

Many people are curious about what YG did to T.O.P that caused his dissatisfaction in the system.

In the recent cover shoot and interview for the March issue of Prestige Hong Kong magazine, T.O.P revealed the reason why he left Big Bang and didn’t renew his contract with YG.


T.O.P said, “All trainees are in a harsh system. They are trained like robots. It can help them become so popular, but people can’t see their inner loneliness. I want to set up a new record company. I don’t want to become a robot producer. I want to help real artists and make real artists. I’m thinking positively about creating a group that is completely different from Big Bang”

Saying that his affection for Big Bang is still the same, T.O.P shared, “I was very proud to be T.O.P of Big Bang at the beginning. But in the past few years, I thought Big Bang’s T.O.P had disappeared for quite a while. This comeback song contains the reason why Big Bang is off. Honestly, I don’t want to think this is my last time (with Big Bang) but it might take a long time until I return as T.O.P of Big Bang. There is a high possibility for a reunion since I love Big Bang and I’m still maintaining great personal relationships with the members”.


Unlike G-Dragon, Taeyang and Daesung, T.O.P did not renew his contract with YG. He said, “It’s time to jump to the next level in my career and life”.

In short, despite his huge love for Big Bang, he decided to open the new act 2. In his career due to dissatisfaction with the problems related to the artist managing system.

In fact, Big Bang is well-known in the industry for being treated as “high status” in YG. YG itself is also a company that puts its artists’ self-regulation as the top priority and focuses on developing creative skills, but the power of Big Bang, the greatest contributor who laid the foundation for the company, is truly incredible.


It is said that all the schedules are entirely up to the members’ individual decisions and no one can force Big Bang to do things they don’t want. Therefore, netizens have become more curious about the main reason why T.O.P is dissatisfied with the system.

Moreover, YG is suffering a strike to its image as 2NE1, who formed YG’s color in the early days along with Big Bang, has continuously revealed “We were informed about our group’s disbandment through articles”. This is why fans are raising doubts about what had happened in the relationship between YG and its old members.

Anyway, T.O.P already gave a hint. He opposes the reality of trainees who are being trained like robots and is planning to establish a new system that can reverse the game. Attention is focusing on whether T.O.P, who took the lead in the globalization of KPOP, will be able to change the current situation of KPOP once again. 

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