Who is BTS’s most successful fangirl?

4 years ago, she was at the audience seat when her idols received the MMA award. Also at MMA, but only after 4 years, BTS’s fangirl became a professional performing idol and also received a Bonsang award.

Melon Music Awards 2020 (MMA 2020) officially took place on the evening of December 5.  At the ceremony, the participating artists brought impressive performances even though the award ceremony was only held online due to epidemic reasons.  In addition, the award ceremony also called out the names of the winners of the award categories.  With many outstanding activities and achievements in 2020, BTS has won all three important Daesangs at MMA.


This year’s top 10 Bonsang named the artists: BTS, Kim Ho Joong, Baek Yerin, Baekhyun, IU, Oh My Girl, Lim Young Woong, Zico, BLACKPINK, IZ * ONE.  BTS and IZ * ONE have entered the top 10 of MMA’s best artists this year.  Maybe you did not know, in IZ * ONE, there is 1 member who was a big fan of BTS.  4 years ago, she went to MMA 2016 to watch and shout cheers when BTS won the important Daesang in their career.  At the moment, that fangirl has become an idol, standing on the same stage and receiving the important award.  That girl is Ahn Yujin.


Yujin’s moments at MMA 2016 deserve to be recorded in the history books as a successful fangirl.  While still not an idol, Yujin was a 13-year-old high school student who attended the awards ceremony to cheer for BTS.  The moment the Big Hit male group received Daesang Album of the Year, the camera panicked to the audience seats and Yujin happened to be in the frame.  Yujin’s image is no different from other fangirls: extremely excited, holding BTS’s lightstick high and waving.

Above all, according to Yujin, going to see this award ceremony is a great motivation for her to become a trainee, join Produce48 and become a member of IZ * ONE at the moment. Sharing about this moment, Yujin said: “I was happy. Those are the seniors I respect very much. When the group received the award, everyone was happy with them, crying with them. Seeing them so happy.  I thought I wanted to become an idol.”

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