Top 5 “Queens of Sexiness” in the Korean film scene 

 These actresses are daring to act in explicit scenes that helped to elevate their careers. 

kim min hee
Kim Min Hee in “The Handmaiden”. 

Jeon Do Yeon  

Winner of “Best Actress” 2007 Cannes Film Festival is famous for a range of artistic works with resounding successes such as “Happy End”, “You Are My Sunshine” and “Secret Sunshine”. In her long list of films, “Secret Sunshine” was a force that swept through the Blue Dragon FIlm Awards and Cannes Film Festival. At present, Jeon Do Yeon is still an icon of the silver screen, a “National Treasure” of the Korean filming industry. 

Jeon Do Yeon
Jeon Do Yeon. 

Notwithstanding the prejudice against intimate scenes on-screen, Jeon Do Yeon is always ready to act in explicit scenes as long as it is for the arts. Her talent and bold choices have brought her countless awards  domestically and overseas, to international arenas. 

Currently, Jeon Do Yeon is still actively pursuing artistic activities by participating in major film dramas, in both the cinema and television works. She has a contented life with her family and is at the peak of her career. 

Jo Yeo Jeong

Jo Yeo Jeong started her acting and entertainment career when she was 16. Yet, the actress spent 10 years without a significant film under her belt. It was not until her 2010 movie “The Servant” that her acting career turned over a new page. 

Her outstanding performance as the beautiful and attractive Chun Hyang brought her reputation to the next level. This turning point became the leverage for her future successes. 

jo yeo jung
Jo Yeo Jeong went viral with her sensual role in “The Servant”.

In 2019, Jo Yeo Jeong once again took Asia by storm when she appeared in the Oscar award-winning movie “Parasite”. As a gullible wife of a wealthy family, the actress helps to expose the deep class division in Korean society. 

Despite her film successes, the actress is not so lucky in her relationships. She once said that she had to break up with her ex-boyfriend because she agreed to do a sex scene for a movie. 

Kim Min Hee 

Kim Min Hee is perhaps the most infamously talented actress in the Korean entertainment scene. Her journey in filming is dotted with a variety of awards. Yet, the actress was embroiled in a love affair, as the mistress of a married person. She did not only announce her love for director Hong Sang Soo when he was still married to his wife at the time but also appeared alongside him in many award shows overseas. Some people expressed their regrets for her unnecessary notoriety as she already had a collection of A-listing ex-boyfriends such as Jo In Sung, Lee Jung Jae and Lee Soo Hyuk. 

kim min hee
Kim Min Hee’s pure and delicate beauty. 

Speaking of the “queen of sexiness”,many people would think of the performance of Kim Min Hee and Kim Tae Ri in “The Handmaiden”. Their intimate scenes were shot for artistic purposes so it did not feel vulgar. Following that success, Kim Min Hee continued rising to fame while Kim Tae Ri was approached with many offers. 

Song Hye Kyo 

Song Hye Kyo
Song Hye Kyo. 

While Song Hye Kyo is not a frequent mention of films under this tag, the actress proves herself as someone who is willing to sacrifice for artistic purposes by playing in movies such as “Hwang Jin Yi”, “Fetish” and “The Queens”. However, Song Hye Kyo did not gain much popularity owing to her adult movies but she is more well-known for her romance dramas that can have a Hallyu impact. The actress is more suited for commercial movies and dramas more than the artistic films that require bold actions. 

Kim Ok Bin  

22-year-old Kim Ok Bin once stunned the Korean film industry when she was ready to “strip off” in the adult movie masterpiece, “Thirst”, with actor Song Kang Ho, who was 20 years older than her. At that time, Kim Ok Bin received a lot of praise for her perfect and daring acting despite her age. 

kim ok bin
However, as she was young at the time of the filming, Kim Ok Bin received many criticisms. 

“Thirst” is a big stepping stone for Kim Ok Bin as she got the chance to collaborate with actor Song Kang Ho and director Park Chan Wook. It was thought that Kim Ok Bin’s career would continue to flourish, but after more than 10 years since the movie’s success, she is still struggling to find the glory of the past.

Although the sexy scenes have left many controversies and negative comments, even many viewers have a feeling of disappointment because their idols were too daring in the past. However, it is undeniable that these are highly artistic works and convey meaningful messages, those sexy scenes contribute to boosting and bringing emotions to the climax. Therefore, this series of works won many prestigious awards and brought the name of this set of 5 female actors to new heights.

kim ok bin

Negative comments and dispiritedness are present when fans learn of their favorite actresses’ “scandalous” past. However it can’t be denied that it was these works that elevated the reputation of these actresses with the movies’ artistry, meaningful messages and the contribution of the adult scenes to the overall story development. 

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