When Will Ryu Jun-yeol Speak Up About Controversies Surrounding Him?

Actor Ryu Jun-yeol’s continuous silence regarding the series of his recent controversies is making the public frustrated

On April 11th, Ryu Jun-yeol was revealed to have participated in the Par 3 Contest as a caddie for Kim Joo-hyun. The actor appeared at the contest with a bright appearance as if he had already forgotten his recent dating controversies. In particular, the actor took pictures with Kim Joo-hyung and smiled at the audience.

However, when asked to express his feelings about participating in the contest, the actor tried to avoid answering by saying I want to keep the words for myself in this situation”, adding “You can contact my agency and I’ll answer in writing”. 

Ryu Jun-yeol

Ryu Jun-yeol has been harshly criticized by the public as he did not directly give any statement about his romantic relationship with Han So-hee when breaking up with her. His ex-lover Hyeri made a comment upon hearing the news of his new love with Han So-hee but she later apologized. Han So-hee also made efforts to explain misunderstandings and transit love suspicions. Nevertheless, Ryu Jun-yeol kept hiding his face and only delivered his positions via his agency even when he acknowledged his romance or announced his breakup.

Aside from his relationship issues, Ryu Jun-yeol also stayed silent regarding criticism of his qualifications as a Greenpeace ambassador. 

Earlier, the actor faced a backlash from netizens when he expressed his love for playing golf, known to be one of the contributors to damaging the environment, despite working as a promotional ambassador for the environmental organization Greenpeace. As a controversy broke out, Greenpeace released a statement promising to review the regulations regarding their ambassador. Once again, only Greenpeace spoke up and the actor is still nowhere to be seen despite being the main character of criticism.

Although Ryu Jun-yeol has not made any official statement himself until now, it is difficult for him to avoid the matters as he will meet with reporters for the promotion of his upcoming project, which is Netflix’s original series “The 8 Show”. Attention is on whether Ryu Jun-yeol will directly speak about his controversies at the drama press conference this time.

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