Valentino chooses Suga (BTS) as their new Brand Ambassador 

Suga (BTS) has been named brand ambassador of Valentino.

Suga (BTS) has risen to be a “global pop icon,” and constantly built his own reptutation as a rapper, singer-songwriter, producer, and performer. He conveys his own value and brings about change through his unique style and world of music. Sugar also works under the stage name Agust D and is able to embody the identity and value of the generation he represents in his own impromptu and contemporary way.

BTS Suga

Creative Director Pier Paolo Piccioli praised Suga as a “a multifaceted artist” and “an interpreter” who “uses his talent and his work to express himself with energy and authenticity.” The designer added, “He perfectly embodies everything that DI.VA.s testimonials stand for: diversity, inclusivity, creativity and passion.”

BTS Suga

In response to his new role as Valentino’s brand ambassador, Suga said, “All individuals have different dreams and values.” He added that Valentino and Piccioli “have been supportive of diversity which is something that I also believe in. I am truly happy to be with the ‘Maison Valentino Essentials’ campaign.” 

BTS Suga

Accordingly, Suga will join the campaign of the “MAISON VALENTINO ESSENTIALS” collection characterized by a simplified, scalable, and continuous development to suit the nature of the design.

The “MAISON VALENTINO ESSENTIALS” will be available at the pop-up event of Maxfield in LA from January 11th to 30th and at the official online boutique of Valentino.

Source: Open News Agency 

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