Uzurocks CEO suddenly resigned amid the conflict over unpaid settlements with Song Ji Hyo

Uzurocks CEO Park Joo Nam quietly resigned although the controversy over delaying employees’ salaries has not been settled.

On April 27th, Uzurocks representative said to TVreport, “Park Joo Nam stepped down as CEO yesterday (April 26th)”, adding “We are checking the reason for his resignation”.

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Since the 5th of last month, Uzurocks has been at the center of a controversy that erupted due to operational disruptions caused by financial difficulties. One media outlet reported that Uzurocks had been delaying salary payments and outsourcing expenses for their employees since February, and the situation had worsened to the point where the company was even unable to pay the four major insurances. In addition, broadcast appearance fees and advertising fees of its artists are reportedly not properly settled.

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In this regard, Uzurocks explained, “Articles said as if the salary payments of all employees were being delayed, but we have already paid employees who left the company their salaries and four major insurances. All employees will get paid on April 10th, which is the scheduled payday.”

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However, Uzurocks faced another crisis on April 24th when actress Song Ji Hyo notified the company of her exclusive contract termination just six months after signing it. According to reports, Song Ji Hyo is also preparing to file a lawsuit to confirm the invalidity of her exclusive contract and to claim unpaid settlements from Uzurocks.

Meanwhile, Uzurocks, established in 2016, has grown into a creative consulting group that encompasses media, design, marketing, and commerce. It has also established itself as an entertainment agency and is currently managing various stars, such as Lee Hyun Woo, Ji Seok Jin, Son Mi Na, and Bbaek Ga.

Source: Daum

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