“TXT is making new history on their own”… How did TXT grow and become “BTS’s successor”?

TXT has emerged as a representative K-pop group with the impressive achievements they earned in the latest comeback.

TXT released the 5th mini album “The Name Chapter: Temptation” on January 27th and became a ‘double million seller’ by selling more than 2 million copies. Apart from BTS, TXT is the only K-pop artist to stay in TOP 3 of Billboard Main Album Chart ‘Billboard 200’ for two weeks in a row. 


TXT has been called “BTS’s younger brothers” since they debuted in March 2019. Unlike BTS, who started from the bottom and went through ups and downs to reach the top, TXT received enormous support from HYBE (formerly Big Hit Entertainment) from the first days. Therefore, TXT received a cold gaze from the public as they are said to have been “born with BTS spoon”. 

Despite that, TXT went step by step on their musical path to overcome prejudices. In fact, they did not receive privileges as BTS’s junior group. Although BTS RM participated in producing TXT’s new song, the two groups had never worked together before. Instead, TXT focused on their own music. They gradually expanded their spectrum by challenging various genres, such as pop, R&B, rock, and even disco. All 5 members joined the production of their albums, including composing and writing lyrics, to solidify their unique music color and narratives.

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As a result, TXT successfully set their own best record by rising to No.2 on Melon TOP 100 with the new title “Sugar Rush Ride”. This song is still in ranking in Top 10. Apart from domestic charts, TXT is also performing well on overseas music sites. “Sugar Rush Ride” entered Spotify’s Daily Top Song Global Chart at No.38 and surpassed 10 million views within 6 days. Starting with No.140 when releasing the first album “The Dream Chapter: Star”, TXT continued to grow and rise on Billboard 200 to go up from No.25, No.5, and No.4 then finally reaching the top spot. Moreover, TXT’s new album also topped Oricon Chart in Japan. As the group achieved such remarkable achievements in three years and 11 months since their debut, there is no exaggeration to say that TXT is truly “BTS’s successor”.

Regarding TXT’s extraordinary growth, an A&R official said, “The fact that TXT is making songs in various music genres is considered the key to their good results”, adding “The group is also releasing English songs and also receiving favorable responses from global fans”. Not only music experts but foreign media outlets also complimented TXT’s growth with their own music and stories without relying on BTS’s popularity.


In addition, the members are also actively communicating with fans through SNS, such as Weverse and TikTok. TXT created various interesting dance challenges and also participate in the challenges of other idols. That’s the way they are attracting new fans and expanding their fandom. In particular, TXT is the second most-followed K-pop male group on TikTok, following BTS. 

An official in the K-pop industry commented, “TXT is making new history on their own. If TXT continues to grow like this, they will even achieve greater results, such as Billboard ‘HOT 100’ chart and the U.K. official chart”.

Source: Daum

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