Two Male K-pop Idols’ Act of Kindness Goes Viral on TikTok

TikTok user @kristineroces, recently shared a video showcasing her struggle to haul a heavy suitcase upstairs in Seoul

As she wrestled with her luggage, two men made their way down the stairs. Netizens were quick to react as the two men kindly offered to help her. 

Despite the skepticism that it might have been staged, @kristineroces insisted that the encounter was entirely spontaneous and not scripted.

The heartwarming gesture alone was enough to melt the hearts of netizens, but it became even more surprising when comments pointed out that the two men were actually K-pop idols.

They are Janghyeon and Hwanrok from withus, who made their debut on November 17, 2020.

The video is going viral and has garnered over two million views within just a day of being shared.


Things that will happen if you travel to South Korea! Can’t believe I caught this on camera, this is not scripted! 감사합니다 🥹 This happened at Hyewa Station in Seoul, South Korea Watch more and longer South Korea Vlogs on my YouTube channel. Click link on my bio ❤️ #KRinKorea #SouthKorea #TravelVlogs #Korea #Reality #fyp #foryou

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