TWICE’s Jihyo shared about the pressure of a main vocalist, “I cried everyday”

TWICE member Nayeon and Jihyo are reported to be the guest of the latest episode of the TV program “Talk to you 2 by Kim Je Dong, are you happy?”, which was broadcasted on July 24th.

TWICE’s Nayeon and Jihyo recently shared about the hardships they have been through on the show “Tall to you 2”.
TWICE’s Nayeon and Jihyo recently shared about the hardships they have been through on the show “Tall to you 2”.

In the episode, a student who dreamed to become a singer shared about her worries after she compared her talent with other friends’.
After listening to her story, Nayeon said, “I chose this path because I love being on stage. Even though I have been doing this for six to seven years, when I compared myself with other people, I felt that I would never be as good as them no matter how hard I tried. And from that moment, my ability didn’t improve.

After that, I tried not to compare myself with others however tired I was. Thanks to this, my heart was lightened and my skills improved, too. Of course it is hard to take your mind off, but I was afraid I couldn’t overcome it if I had those greeds”, the idol adviced.

TWICE’s Nayeon and Jihyo recently shared about the hardships they have been through on the show “Tall to you 2”.

Member Jihyo also shared her thoughts, “I had trained for 10 years before debuting. I was very worried about when I could debut and if this job as a singer really suited me. But then I met TWICE’s members and got to debut.

She also added, “I wasn’t too happy about it, though. I was originally a lead vocalist, but suddenly I became the main vocalist of the group. I couldn’t just be happy because I debuted as a singer. I was afraid of how other people see me. However, later, I first got to know how my songs can make other people happy when we had our very first concert.

Unfortunately , what Jihyo said was awfully mocked by netizens. Twice has continuously been criticized for their lacking voices, so this time netizens didn’t want to lose the chance of leaving hateful comments as well.

1. [+215, -37] Main vocals of JYP girl groups… would be sub vocals in other girl groups

2. [+153, -43] They originally had a different main vocal on their pre-debut audition program but they didn’t get enough votes and got eliminated. These idols aren’t Kim Bum Soo or Park Jung Hyun, they’re girl groups, they’re idols… Charm is more important above all else. It doesn’t matter how talented they are when they have no charm. Why do you think all of JYP’s girl groups have won daesangs all these years? Because their charms work well with their songs and that’s what the public loves them for. Each company needs to have a different strength to set them apart…

3. [+72, -13] No matter how popular they are, they need vocal talent for a long running career as singers. Look at SNSD… do any of them have successful singing careers other than Taeyeon right now? It doesn’t matter how many daesangs JYP has won when they have no successful long running female idol. Once their groups disband they all either break into acting or something else. Why do you think IU has a long running career and is considered a digital powerhouse with daesangs to back it up? Why Taeyeon? Sure, charm is important as a star but vocal talent is just as important as a singer. Having vocal talent allows for a wider variety of choices in songs which lets you experiment with more and more concepts. I’ve watched over Twice while in the army and what I felt bad for them about was that their songs always sound the same and I’m already seeing them reach their limit. At this point, their fandom is so big that they’re able to win #1 still but I don’t know how much longer they’re going to make it… JYP needs to look past the tree and into the forest. This isn’t the time to be overworking them to the point of illness. Train them up and actually respect their fans by giving them vocals that their ears can enjoy.

4. [+23, -6] Did Twice ever have a main vocal..

5. [+15, -3] Twice’s original main vocal was Kim Jiwon. I just checked up on her and she got super pretty, what a waste ㅠㅠ

Sources: mydaily, netizenbuzz

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