Twice Jihyo “I’m nervous about a solo album after 19 years at JYP

Twice’s Jihyo has made a debut as a solo artist.

At a press conference held on the morning of August 18th at Fairmont Ambassador Seoul in Yeouido, Seoul, in celebration of the release of Twice Jihyo’s solo mini-album ‘ZONE’, Jihyo shared her thoughts on her solo debut.

Jihyo expressed, “I dreamed of this when I was around 8 or 9 years old. It’s been 19 years since I entered the company, and my solo album is finally out. I prepared diligently and I’m very nervous.”

She continued, “When the company told me I would have a solo album, they didn’t give me a fixed concept. Instead, they told me to do what I want. That was a challenging assignment for me. I kept pondering and while working on the songs, I wanted to showcase a more diverse voice that I could convey.”

Source: daum

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