BTS Jin, “I’m nervous about releasing my first solo song…. I poured my gratitude and love for ARMYs in the lyrics of ‘The Astronaut’”

BTS Jin expressed his feelings ahead of the release of his first solo single “The Astronaut” on October 28th.

In the introduction video for his single released by Big Hit Music earlier on October 28th, Jin said, “The lyrics of this song are about me, who flows aimlessly, and you – ARMYs, who finds the dream for Jin”.

Jin, the eldest member of BTS, announced his plan to cancel his enlistment postponement on October 17th and enlist on time. “The Astronaut” marks Jin’s official solo debut and his last song before joining the military.

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Revealing his feelings, Jin said, “I’ve always greeted fans together with the members. Now that I’m doing it alone, I feel shy and nervous”, adding “I’ve already had solo songs in celebration of my birthday, for fans and in BTS albums. This is my first time releasing a single album under my name, so I’m both nervous and excited.”

He went on, “While preparing for my solo single, I was able to realize and feel the importance of the members once again”.

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Jin emphasized, “As much as I prepared while thinking about fans, I hope many people enjoy it”, adding “I made the song hoping that everybody could feel happy every time they listen to it.”

“The Astronaut” is a song that shows Jin’s aspect as a vocalist and features a unique refreshing and dreamy atmosphere. Referring to the new song, Jin explained, “This song has a calm melody and the synthesizer sound of acoustic guitar”, adding “I expressed my feelings for ARMYs, who made me Jin of BTS, in the lyrics.”

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The music video for this song was filmed in the U.S. In this regard, Jin introduced, “You will be able to see me crash landing on Earth”, adding “It is about me from another planet wandering in space and making a crash landing on Earth. The MV shows my journey as an astronaut who has to return to his home planet but eventually decides to stay on Earth with my beloved ones and many precious things.”

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“The Astronaut” drew keen attention as it was jointly written, composed, and performed by the famous British band Coldplay. Jin worked with Coldplay again one year after their first collaboration for “Universe”, which became a big hit in the global music market in the second half of 2021. Jin shared, “I really like Coldplay. That’s why I was so happy and excited to work with them again”, adding “Coldplay, thank you so much”.

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Jin continued, “You will be able to see a new side of me in this music video”, adding “You may discover the surprise appearance of Coldplay Chris Martin while watching the video. I hope you enjoy it”.

Jin will perform “The Astronaut” for the first time at Coldplay’s concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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