Son Ye-jin’s Unrivaled Beauty in Her Debut Drama “Delicious Proposal”

On January 29th, tvN STORY’s show ‘The Village President’s People’ featured a countryside outing with actors Lee Young-ha and Lee Hyo-chun.

During the episode, Kim Yong-geon, dressed in a chef’s outfit, shared, “In ‘Delicious Proposal,’ Park Geun-hyeong and I were rivals. Son Ye-jin also debuted in that drama.”

“Delicious Proposal” starred top actors such as So Yoo-jin, Seo Ji-seok, Ji Sung, and Kwon Sang-woo.

Upon hearing this, Lee Young-ha commented, “Didn’t those friends debut with that drama? I also admired senior Shin Sung-il like a god. He was a hero, a star in my dreams. One day, while shooting a movie, I became the lead, and senior Shin Sung-il played a supporting role. That’s how it goes. Even if those friends appeared as extras, they tell juniors that there are no small actors, only small roles.”

Source: nate

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