TVXQ’s Kim Jun-su, “I Didn’t Want To Perform In Japan+ Paid Millions Of Won For International Calls”

Singer Kim Jun-su mentioned TVXQ’s Japanese activities

On December 7th, the last episode of Kim Jae-joong’s online show “Jae’s friends” was uploaded on his YouTube channel with Kim Jun-su as the last guest of season 1.

In this video, Kim Jae-joong recalled TVXQ’s Japanese activities, “We have to be humble when thinking about this. After achieving the Grand Slam in Korea, we immediately moved to debut in Japan and went to a Buddhist university event,” then Kim Jun-su said, “I still vividly remember that we performed at a Buddhist university.”


The moment they felt their success in Japan was when they entered the hit national program Budokan. “Our fans were singing in a space, which was packed down the hall, and I thought it was such a good thing that we didn’t give up and worked hard in Japan,” Kim Jun-su said. “Before that, I didn’t want to come to Japan. I was so happy because we were so successful in Korea. I was so thankful that Japanese fans looked at us with such love. I was so thankful because I thought, “How can they support us when we are foreigners?”

Kim Jae-joong added, “There was no Korean idol group coming to Japan back then, so our company told us to try singing at a Buddhist university. Hold the wired microphone.”

Kim Jae-joong recalled, “Jun-su was very lonely in Japan because of his nostalgia for Korea. There are many free ways to make calls now, but we had to buy an international phone card at that time,” and Kim Jun-su recalled, “The call fee was several million won a month.”

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