TV Chosun, Celebrity X General Reality Show Launching

TV Chosun is reportedly preparing a new dating reality program involving celebrities and normal people According to the broadcasting insiders, the TV station is currently preparing a reality show where romantic relationships between a celebrity and a normal person will be portrayed.
The show is planned to feature a celebrity with a non-idol that is their perfect ideal type, and they will spend 100 days together as a couple.
Along with “No One In This World Can Match My Wife”, this is Chosun TV’s second reality show.
Although reality shows about romantic relationships are very popular these days, the majority of them are about romance between two ordinary people only. This well-planned show by Chosun TV is expected to bring new joy with its unique concept of matching celebrities with ordinary people together
The program is currently in full swing with the aim of broadcasting at the end of August. Stay tune!
Sources: tvdaily

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