TSUBAKILL Shockingly Eliminated as ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ Hits Record Ratings

Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter 2’ (hereinafter ‘SWF2’) has revealed its first eliminated crew. The unexpected outcome has left many in shock

On the episode aired on September 12th, ‘SWF2‘ featured eight crews standing on stage, performing alongside the K-pop mission. Each crew showcased their unique identities and energetic performances, but rankings were determined sternly.


The final 7th and 8th places went to Wolf’Lo and TSUBAKILL, and these two crews went head-to-head in an elimination battle. In a five-round, best-of-three contest, Wolf’Lo emerged victorious with a score of 3 to 2. Consequently, TSUBAKILL became the first crew to be eliminated from ‘SWF2’.

Representing Japan in ‘SWF2,’ TSUBAKILL had garnered significant attention and love from viewers for their solid skills and outstanding capabilities displayed in various battles and missions. Therefore, many are expressing deep disappointment over TSUBAKILL’s unexpected elimination.

TSUBAKILL’s leader, Akanen, expressed her genuine sadness at being eliminated at this stage, “I’m truly heartbroken to be eliminated at this stage because I wanted to elevate Japan’s dance reputation. However, I have no regrets because we gave our all, both in our performances and dance, reaching 200%.”

Member Rena tearfully thanked everyone for their kind words and support, “We are grateful for the kind words like ‘stay strong’ and ‘it’s okay’ from people in other countries.” Another member, Miki, emotionally pleaded, “Please don’t forget TSUBAKILL.”

The episode of ‘SWF2’ that aired that day achieved a record-breaking viewership with a peak rating of 4.6%. It also secured the top spot across all channels in the 1539 target rating and the 2049 male-female rating. On TVing, it held a real-time viewing share of 94.8% among all live channels during the same time, setting another personal best record.

The question now is how TSUBAKILL’s elimination will impact ‘SWF2.’ The remaining seven crews will take on the Mega Crew mission.

Source: Wikitree

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