Transition Committee stated, “BTS will not be invited to the presidential inauguration ceremony”

The Committee for the Presidential Inauguration announced on April 11th that it had decided not to invite idol group BTS to the inauguration ceremony of president-elect Yoon Seok-yeol, which is scheduled for May 10th.

Park Joo-sun, Head of the Committee for the Presidential Inauguration, held a briefing at the Transition Committee in Tongui-dong, Seoul, on the morning of the same day and answered the question asking, “How was the discussion regarding BTS’s attendance?”.

Head Park said, “BTS is for sure a cultural asset that Korea is proud of”, adding, “It is true that we received and reviewed many suggestions and proposals that included BTS’s performance at the presidential inauguration event”

BTS will not be invited to the presidential inauguration ceremony

They explained, “However, during the reviewing process, president-elect Yoon gave the keynote that the inauguration ceremony should be held in a simple way with the participation of unknown stars, children, teenagers, vulnerable people, etc. as an important event that harmonizes the whole country”, adding, “Therefore, we think inviting BTS would not suit the event this time”.

They also said, “We have to clear up the misunderstandings. An inauguration ceremony is a state event held by following the state laws. It’s not a political event or an arts event”, adding, “In this case, we do not think talking about political issues fits the nature of this event”.

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