Top 5 most annoying main characters in Korean dramas that viewers cannot stand

Contrary to most charming main characters, the following characters often hinder the watching experience of viewers. 

The male or female lead is often the most favored character who takes up the most screen time and is also the most popular character in a film or drama. But there are some exceptions when the main character turns out to be the most annoying one. This topic is being strongly discussed by netizens. Let’s take a look at the outstanding names.

Sung Gi Hoon (Squid Game)

Needless to say, Squid Game is currently the most viral Korean series. The drama consists of many characters. Each character leaves a different impression. Even the supporting roles attract much attention. However, many viewers have left comments saything that they think the male lead Sung Gi Hoon (played by Lee Jung Jae) is the most irritating character in the drama. Sung Gi Hoon is considered hypocritical because he is nice to outsiders but treats his own family terribly.

Viewers also pointed out that Sung Gi Hoon has many other bad characteristics such as selfishness, worthlessness, hesitation, and half-heartedness in everything. Although the male lead makes most viewers angry, there are still comments saying that this is a realistic character because not many people realize that today’s society also has many two-faced people who treat outsiders and family differently like Gi Hoon.


Ha Yoon Cheol (Penthouse)

Most of the characters in Penthouse are criticized because of how the writers constantly twist the way they act. For example, Oh Yoon Hee (Eugene) in season 1, who made the audience angry when she is exposed to be the one who caused the death of Min Seol A (Jo Soo Min). Or Joo Dan Tae (Uhm Ki Joon) and Cheon Seo Jin (Kim So Yeon) because they are the biggest antagonists of the drama. However, the character who causes the most discomfort to the audience is probably doctor Ha Yoon Cheol (Yoon Jong Hoon).

Viewers think that Dr. Ha is a dishonest man, cheating on two women. At first, he gives up his first love to run after a rich girl, marries her and then keeps thinking about his ex-girlfriend. Besides his handsome appearance and the redemption in season 3 that can partly save his image, there is absolutely nothing else about this character that viewers feel for. Especially for female viewers, Dr. Ha doesn’t have any quality that they want in a man.

Nam Do San (Start-Up)

With “Start-Up”, if the male lead Han Ji Pyeong (Kim Seon Ho) wins the hearts of the audience, the male lead Nam Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk) becomes a thorn in the viewer’s eyes. Netizens think that Nam Do San’s personality is slow and old-fashioned. The drama is about the process of a young man starting his business, but throughout the drama, the audience does not see him planning a career at all, but only thinking about love at night.

The character Do San was built by the scriptwriter as a talented guy who from a young age won the Math Olympiad award. Yet as an adult, his whole career depends on Ji Pyeong’s help. Is this unreasonable? Then comes the love story with the female lead. If it weren’t for Ji Pyeong, the male lead would not have been able to marry his lover. Viewers of the drama think that Nam Do San is bad at everything, only good at fighting with others. Many moviegoers also doubted whether the scriptwriter hated Nam Joo Hyuk, so she wrote such an unpleasant male lead for him to play.

Cha Joo Hyuk (Familiar Wife)

Most of the male leads that Ji Sung plays are perfect, everyone who watches his series all loves it. However, Ji Sung still has a character that no one can fall in love with, is Cha Joo Hyuk in the drama ‘Familiar Wife’ with Han Ji Min. In this movie, the two play the role of a married couple who often quarrel over petty things. One day, her husband Cha Joo Hyuk suddenly had the opportunity to go back in time and he chose to marry his first love, pushing his wife to become a stranger.

Many moviegoers think that this role of Cha Joo Hyuk is really bad and has nothing to say. In the drama, he often ignores his wife’s feelings, the marriage has problems, but he refuses to solve it, and always remembers his first love, and thinks that the girl is beautiful and rich, in every way better than his wife. me. But after being remade and choosing his first love, Cha Joo Hyuk realized that the rich were not easy to enter and the other girl also cheated on him, at this time he remembered his wife. A man who lives with this person but thinks about the other, in the end, he causes both women to fall into misfortune, truly a “super product” that no girls want to meet.

Han Yeo Reum (Where Stars Land)

In ‘Where Star Land’, the female lead is Han Yeo Reum (Chae Soo Bin), a beautiful girl. However, apart from the beauty, everything else of this character makes the audience bored. The movie is about the airport and Han Yeo Reum is a member of the airport passenger service team, she has made mistakes from the beginning of the film and all of them are inexplicable, and everyone watching is annoyed.

In addition, the audience also thinks that they can temporarily ignore the poor working ability of the female lead, but her attitude is difficult to accept. For example, because she couldn’t control her temper, she quarreled with a guest and was fined for a job transfer. However, she continued to be late and did not do well in the assigned task. Her superiors reminded her, but she forgot it, and later when she was scolded, she felt that someone intentionally harmed her. Although this work was released in 2018, the female lead is stuck in 2000, both clumsy and bad manners, without a single advantage to like. People couldn’t understand how the scriptwriter could build such a flawed heroine.

In the harsh entertainment industry, very few actors are lucky enough to play the main role right from the start or after the first few films. For the most part, actors take quite a few years to get a lead role. However, if they start a script where the main character is built with this kind of flaw, there are not so many advantages. 

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