Former idol struggles financially after retiring, rebounds by opening a café

A former girl group member recently confessed about her financial struggles after retirement, even working part-time. 

Noeul, a member of second-generation Kpop girl group Rainbow, recently appeared on a YouTube channel, where she disclosed about her life after retiring as a celebrity. 

In particular, after their contract with the agency expired, Rainbow disbanded in 2016. Regarding this period, Noeul said, “I thought I should leave the entertainment industry and open a coffee shop.”


“When I was working in the industry, I had an extremely difficult time due to the lack of stability”, Noeul confessed, adding, “There were no projects, and even my voice auditions failed. I had to work part-time to make a living. I worked as a server in cafes, bars, and meat restaurants to get by. Some customers recognized me, and many artists came to the barbecue restaurant where I worked.”

Noeul then expressed her gratitude to Seo Jang Hoon, saying that the entertainer and former athlete met her and gave her 1 million won (about 800 USD) after hearing about her financial struggle. 

“During my part-time job, there were times when I didn’t even have 500,000 KRW in my bank account. When Jisook (fellow Rainbow member) got married, two of my close friends also held their weddings at the same time, so I had to borrow money from my father because I didn’t have any”, Noeul also revealed. 


Nevertheless, Noeul never gave up even in the face of various obstacles. 

“I have met many good people and had the opportunity to open a coffee shop”, she said, adding, “The main store has a monthly revenue of over 100 million won. When the coffee shop first opened, the members came to congratulate me and took many photos. Although our group wasn’t very successful, we are grateful that we could stay together until now and have previous memories and experiences that we still treasure.”

Source: VKR

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