BLACKPINK meet and attend the party given by their idol 5 years after their pre-debut dance cover of Rihanna’s song.

Fans were able to see BLACKPINK’s remarkable worldwide rise after 5 years thanks to Rihanna.

BLACKPINK is the most successful Kpop girl group internationally at the moment. BLACKPINK’s level of popularity is not only shown through the billion-view MVs and a large fan base, but also their relationships with famous Western artists.

Recently, on September 13, Rosé had the opportunity to attend the 2021 Met Gala – the world’s biggest fashion event and meet many famous celebrities. Among them, the moment that caught the most attention among netizens was Rosé talking happily with Rihanna.

This is not the first time a BLACKPINK member has had the opportunity to meet Rihanna in person. At a promotional event for a cosmetic brand in Seoul, Korea, Jennie came as a fangirl and had very close moments with Rihanna.

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Jennie and Rihanna in the same frame

BLACKPINK is a big fan of Rihanna. Before their official debut, the members introduced themselves public through their first dance video to Rihanna’s hit song – B**** Better Have My Money.

BLACKPINK’s first dance practice video is to Rihanna’s song

Looking back at the first dance video of four 19, 20-year-old rookie girls compared to the present, it can be seen that BLACKPINK has made a huge step forward. From just dancing to their idol’s song, BLACKPINK is now in a place where they can directly talk to Rihanna as top global idol singers.

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The rookie girls of BLACKPINK are now grown up and in a place where they can meet and interact with their idols
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