Chanyeol made fans confused by suddenly writing letters to apologize and thank the fans

In October 2020, a person, claiming to be an ex-girlfriend, accused Chanyeol of flirting with 10 other girls during the three years they loved each other, even often having one-night relationships. At that time, SM responded that they had no official stance and had nothing to say about the allegations targeting the EXO member. Chanyeol did not respond then, causing fans to panic, the public was angry with the male idol’s actions.

The male idol’s scandal seems to be forgotten, however, after 4 months, Chanyeol suddenly apologized to his fans and expressed gratitude to them, but did not mention the incident.


Many netizens also sarcastically said that EXO is about to come back, so Chanyeol has to apologize even though the scandal broke out a long time ago. Thereby, they asked Chanyeol to leave the group and wanted the other members to make their solo debut.

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