Top 10 most watched fancams of female K-pop idols in 2021 (ft. TWICE, BLACKPINK, aespa, and more)

The competition of female idols with the hottest fancams in 2021 is between members of TWICE, BLACKPINK and aespa.

The success of K-pop inevitably comes with high competition. Therefore, in order to maintain popularity, K-pop idols always have to refresh their image, “upgrade” their visuals, skills and charisma through each comeback.  Individual fancams with millions of views are one of the criteria to evaluate the charm of each idol to the public.  Fancam views also partly reflect the individual popularity rankings of each group’s members. 

twice nayeon
Fancam is one of the important ways to measure the individual popularity of idols

On November 23, on the most famous online community in Korea, Pann, a topic about the Top 10 most viewed fancams of female idols in 2021 attracted much attention from Korean netizens. 

It comes as no surprise that the Top 10 hottest fancams of female idols this year are dominated by members of three most popular girl groups today: TWICE, BLACKPINK and aespa. Not being overshadowed by seniors from the 3rd generation, 2 members of aespa enter the list with 3 fancams. In particular, Winter excellently takes the second place with the Next Level fancam on Inkigayo comeback stage on May 30. Up to now, this fancam has received more than 2.7 million views.

K-pop idols fancam
Winter proves her charm when having a series of viral fancams
K-pop idols fancam
She stood out during aespa’s comeback with Next Level 

Winter is followed by another aespa member, Karina in third place. Notably, similar to BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Karina is included twice in the Top 10. Both her viral fancams are during the promotions for Next Level. 

K-pop idols fancam
K-pop idols fancam

The 2 BLACKPINK members who made their solo debut this year, Lisa and Rosé, did not rank as high as expected.  Specifically, Rosé is at No.4 in the end with the fancam On The Ground in March. The fancam as of November 23 recorded more than 2.2 million views.

K-pop idols fancam
K-pop idols fancam

However, Rosé is still luckier than maknae Lisa.  Despite a very successful solo debut, Lisa only ranked 9th and 10th with her 2 LALISA fancams.

K-pop idols fancam
Lisa has two fancams with more than 2M views

Holding the No.1 position is Nayeon (TWICE).  She is already familiar with the audience due to her bright aura.  Nayeon was a smart choice when she was trusted by JYP for the center position.  Therefore, with Alcohol-Free’s colorful summer concept, Nayeon freely displayed her cheerful charm that is her “weapon”.

K-pop idols fancam
K-pop idols fancam
The fancam of the center girl of TWICE reached more than 3.28 million views

Currently, the Alcohol-Free fancam has reached nearly 3.3 million views, helping Nayeon become TWICE’s No. 1 fighter in this race.

 In response to this chart, Knets left many comments:

  • Even though it’s been 7 years since Nayeon’s debut, I’m still surprised that she’s still at the top of the list.  Nayeon was born to be an idol.
  • I think fancam views are also an important criterion in the idol industry.  It’s like idol popularity charts.  Congratulations to Im Nayeon on winning first place!
  • Nayeon, Winter, and Karina are the most popular female idols in the male fan community
  • Nayeon is 1st, Jihyo is 6th. Poor the antis, TWICE is still doing a great job.

Top 10 most viewed fancams on YouTube in 2021 (rounded up and as of 11/23/2021):

 1. Alcohol-Free – Nayeon (TWICE): 3.28 million views

 2. Next Level – Winter (aespa): 2.7 million views

 3. Next Level – Karina (aespa): 2.6 million views

 4. On The Ground – Rosé (BLACKPINK): 2.27 million views

 5. Dumb Dumb – Jeon Somi: 2.26 million views

 6. Alcohol-Free – Jihyo (TWICE): 2.2 million views

 7. LILAC – IU: 2.16 million views

 8. Next Level – Karina (aespa): 2.04 million views

 9. LALISA – Lisa (BLACKPINK): 2 million views

 10. LALISA – Lisa (BLACKPINK): 1.76 million views

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