This Small Company’s Girl Group Makes Hot Topics With Their Outstanding Visuals

The new five-member girl group RESCENE made headlines even though they’ve not yet debuted

RESCENE is a new girl group project introduced by THE MUZE Entertainment. Ahead of RESCENE’s upcoming debut on March 26th, the company has released various teasers introducing the members Woni, Liv, Minami, May, and Zena. 

As soon as the individual photo teasers were released, the girl group aroused keen attention on social media and in online communities. Despite coming from a small company, the members flaunt visuals that captivated the eyes of netizens at first glance.


RESCENE teaser images spread to Instiz and received enthusiastic responses. The majority of netizens were very surprised to see a group with so many visuals and raised expectations for their debut. 

Some netizens commented, “I heard the name of this agency for the first time but all the members are so pretty..”, “OMG, they’re so pretty”, “I like female idols and their visuals flutter my heart.. Pretty female idols keep debuting and I like that… I hope they do well”, “Who are they? All of them are so beautiful”, “The second member is my type”, “They already look so pretty in the profile pictures… They all have clear and distinctive facial features”, etc.

Even before their official debut, RESCENE gained recognition for their visuals, signaling a good start. The girl group will introduce the pre-release single “YoYo” on February 29th and officially debut on March 26th with the 1st single “Re:Scene”.

Source: Instiz

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