This rookie actress was praised for her acting but it turned out she was a top beauty pageant contestant

This actress surprised everyone by revealing she was a finalist at Korea’s top beauty pageant.

Actress Hwang Bo-reum-byeol, who made her debut in the web drama “The World of My 17” in 2020, recently received attention from critics for her impressive acting skills in the drama “School 2021.”

Hwang Bo-reum-byeol, who showed off her unique elegant aura and worked as a cosmetics brand model, became a hot topic as she was selected as a finalist of the 2019 Namwon Chunhyang Contest before her debut.

In an interview, Hwang Bo-reum-byeol said about how she dreamed of becoming an actress, “Being an actress is a world I could only imagine. I didn’t think I had to become an actress before. I took a leave from school to try various things to find my dream, participated in a beauty competition and got good results.” She also said, “With that opportunity, I got into a management agency and eventually found my dream of becoming an actress.”

Hwang Bo-reum-byul

On January 10th, Hwang Bo-reum said on her SNS, “I love and thank all the people who were on “Seo-young team” for helping me shine despite my lacking throughout the filming.” “Thanks to you, I endured the difficulty and did it and was happy.” The actress also released a photo of her recent status.

In the picture, she drew attention by holding a bouquet of flowers presented by the staff and showing a happy smile. Fans who saw this showed various reactions, such as “You worked really hard,” “You’re so pretty,” and “I love you unnie.”

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