Dawn’s romantic remark towards Hyun-ah resurfaced after their marriage news: “I won’t love anyone else if I break up with her”

Dawn’s romantic remarks, which he proposed to singer Hyun-ah, are being re-examined.

Turkey's On The Block

Dawn released a video on his Instagram on Feb 3rd with a message “MARRY ME”. The video showed Hyun-ah and Dawn holding each other hands while showing their couple rings.

Hyun-ah also drew attention by posting the same video on her Instagram with the caption “Of course, yes.” Hyun-ah also showed a ring case with couple rings and said, “Thank you. Thank you and I’m always grateful,” she wrote.

Dawn‘s sweet remarks last year are being talked about due to their sweet relationship which have been seven years.

Hyuna and Dawn, who appeared as the 13th guests of “Studio Waffle” YouTube channel “Turkey’s On The Block” in September last year, announced their love for each other to the world.

MC Lee Yong-jin, who heard that Hyun-ah first said that Dawn was her style, asked if the two still had a promise with each other not to erase their photos on SNS even if they broke up.

Lee Yong-jin asked Dawn again, “Will you guys ever break up?”. Then Dawn said, “I thought about it, but I think I can let it go,” adding, “I can just open another account.”

In particular, Dawn seriously expressed his affection for his lover, saying, “I won’t love anyone again if I break up with her.”

Hyun-ah, who was watching this quietly from the side, hit Dawn‘s neck and reacted realistically, saying, “Stop it,” drawing laughter.

However, Dawn‘s loving remarks at the time are being re-examined again as rumors of the two’s imminent marriage have emerged.

Meanwhile, the two have been in a public relationship since 2016 and have established themselves as the representative couple in the entertainment industry for seven years.

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