This rookie actress impresses the viewers with her straightforward lines in “The Queen’s Umbrella”

New actress Lee So Hee is drawing attention with her performance as a scene-stealer in the drama “The Queen’s Umbrella”.

Actress Lee So Hee is a rookie actress who debuted in the 2018 web drama “Oh Yeojeong”. She is currently appearing in tvN’s drama “The Queen’s Umbrella” and showing off her charms.

Lee So Hee played the most recent special court lady Park, who is not involved in the battle for successors because she is still a concubine without children. 

lee so hee the queen's umbrella

In “The Queen’s Umbrella”, when concubine Tae So Yong, who is a former maid of the Queen, cries and says, “The Crown Prince used to follow me a lot”, court lady Park responds, “Ah~ So you must have seen him a lot when you were a maid for the Queen?”, showing her straightforward appearance.

Reacting to other concubines, who are discussing the Crown Prince vacancy, she says, “Still, isn’t the one with a higher rank in the main line of descent more likely to heir the throne among the Grand Prince?”, acting as a bold “fact bomber” in the drama.

lee so hee the queen's umbrella

Lee So Hee gains favorable reviews from the viewers by presenting a clumsy court lady while continuing to give straightforward remarks even when the tension of the story increases due to the death of the Crown Prince. 

In response to Lee So Hee’s performance in “The Queen’s Umbrella”, netizens commented, “She’s right even though her words make me feel frustrated”, “I’m a little annoyed with her character but she’s cute”, “She’s a concubine who doesn’t care much about things that are happening”, etc. 

lee so hee

In fact, her image of a straightforward character who only spits facts that contradicts her cute actions is making the charms of new actress Lee So Hee become more lively. 

Apart from “The Queen’s Umbrella”, which is a hot drama that maintains high viewer ratings, Lee So Hee is also starring in Genie TV’s original drama “Gaus Electronics”. The young actress is proving her acting skills by playing two different characters in two different kinds of work, a historical series and a modern series.

lee so hee Gaus Electronics

In the 7th and 8th episodes of “Gaus Electronics”, Lee So Hee impressed viewers with her bright and fox-like appearance in between the love line of Kwak Dong yeon and Go Sung Hee.

Lee So Hee, who shows up as Kwak Dong Yeon’s long-time crush, pours cold water on the romance of Kwak Dong Yeon and Go Sung Hee just before the two were about to start dating. Many people are looking forward to how her performance in the next episodes of the drama as an obstacle in the love story of the main characters.

lee so hee Gaus Electronics

As new actress Lee So Hee is captivating drama fans with her lovely and bold charms representing the MZ Generation, viewers are also looking forward to her next acting projects. 

Source: daum

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