Kim Jae Joong “I won’t let my future wife go into the kitchen”

Singer Kim Jae Joong expresses his affection for his future wife.

Episode 58 of Channel A’s entertainment show “Men’s Life These Days: Groom’s Class”, which is scheduled to air on April 5th, will depict a day of Kim Jae Joong. He starts a cooking field trip at a famous local restaurant.

Kim Jae Joong stops by a Japanese restaurant, greets the owner and chef in a friendly manner, then delivers his current situation, “I bought a second-hand item today.”

Kim Jae-joong

After ordering the chef’s recommended menu, Kim Jae Joong expresses satisfaction with the cucumber wasabi pickle that came out first as a side dish. He repeatedly praises the cucumber wasabi pickle and covets the recipe. The chef willingly hands the kitchen over to him.

After the unscheduled cooking class starts, Kim Jae Joong is taught not only the cucumber pickle recipe but also how to fry deliciously.

When Kim Jae Joong sees shrimp heads and egg whites thrown away, he “saves” the ingredients, saying, “It’s a waste.” He even confesses, “Because of this personality, I always worry about chicken bones while eating chicken.”

Kim Jaejoong-JYJ

After that, Kim Jae Joong starts his own cooking show. During this process, he yells, “I won’t let my future wife go into the kitchen.”

Watching this in the studio, Han Go Eun and Jang Young Ran clap hard.

Meanwhile, “Men’s Life These Days: Groom’s Class” is broadcast every Wednesday at 9:10 PM.

Source: Nate

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