This Korean actress, considered “the queen of charity”, leads an excellent career and marriage

Despite starring in very few works, this Korean actress’s life and career is something many people can only dream of.

Entering the acting world out of curiosity

Born in 1978, Park Jin Hee made her acting debut at the age of 18 via the teen drama “Start”, and rose to stardom with the 1998 thriller “Whisosystem Corridors”. 3 years later, she was highly praised in the 2001 KBS drama “Stock Flower”, before continuously hit it big with “Please Comeback, Soonae”, and “War of Money” – a national hit with ratings surpassing 30% and earning her a prize at the SBS Drama Awards. 

With her somewhat “sorrowful” beauty, Park Jin Hee was often casted for protagonist roles who lead tragic lives. The actress once shared that she started acting out of curiosity, saying: “When I was young, I wanted to become an actress as I was curious about fame. Now that I can live comfortably with my earnings from acting, it’s love for the screen that keeps me going.”

“The queen of charity” that doesn’t mind hardships 

Once struggling after her father lost his job, Park Jin Hee understands well the adversities of poverty. Therefore, after getting established in the acting industry, the actress dedicated a lot of time to charity. Instead of just sending money or gifts, Park Jin Hee would visit the struggling people herself, do manual labor, and assist volunteers. She also shared that after marriage, she’d adopt, stating that there are many kids around her that needs care, drawing admiration from the public. 

An ideal marriage and life at the age of 44

In 2014, Park Jin Hee married a famous lawyer who is 5 years younger than her. According to the actress, she first met her husband while filming the 2013 TV drama “Hur Jun, The Original Story”. While Park Jin Hee held back on sharing photos of her husband due to him being a non-celebrity, the actress is obviously super happy in her marriage. 

By the end of 2014, Park Jin Hee gave birth to a daughter, before having a son in 2018. The actress has since largely disappeared from the screen and only appears as cameos in several works, instead focusing on her family. 

She also often shares photos of her daily life on her social media, where she lives comfortably doing everything she wants to do. 

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