This female star used to be a part-timer at a restaurant but got fired because too many people come to see her beauty

Here is a pre-debut story of actress Nam Sang Mi.

In 2001, before her debut, Nam Sang Mi used to work as a part-timer at a Lotteria restaurant near Hanyang University. When someone noticed her beauty and posted her photos on the Internet, people began to visit the restaurant to see her. 

Nam Sang Mi

Although Nam Sang Mi attracted more customers, the sales of the restaurant didn’t increase. It was because a lot of people came in groups but they ordered only one hamburger to share and kept getting coke refilled. Nam Sang Mi did intend to quit the job but unfortunately got fired before she could express her intention. 

Thanks to her popularity as an ulzzang (someone who becomes famous on the Internet with their good-looking appearance), Nam Sang Mi was later discovered and made her debut as an actress in a melodrama in 2003.

Source: daum

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