This famous idol was flustered after accidentally using slang in front of Kang Hodong

WINNER Song Minho unintentionally used swear words in front of Kang Hodong and was embarrassed

A scene of WINNER member Song Minho getting flustered was recently unveiled via a pre-release trailer of talk show “Just Come Out” (literal translation) on Naver NOW. The video contains a part of a broadcast with Song Minho’s appearance, which is set to air on November 9th. 

In the published video, MC Kang Hodong can be seen introducing Song Minho, who waltzed in with his signature swag-filled gesture. 

Then, in the Knowledge in Question segment, Song Minho drew laughter by reading the questions sent by netizens, who asked, “Is Song Minho from a foreigh country?” and “He isn’t very good at using the multiplication table”.

Upon hearing this, Kang Hodong implicitly asked, “Have you studied proverbs?”, to which Song Minho confidently replied, “I never do. When I see a book of proverbs passing by, I immediately turn my eyes.

In the proverbial question that followed, Song Minho continued his miraculous streak of incorrect answers and got the meaning of the proverb “Poking one’s nose into another’s affair” wrong. 

Unable to witness the constantly wrong answers, Kang Ho Dong set out to rectify the situation by switching the topic to new abbreviations. Song Minho got “The battle between two self-respecting geniuses” right, but then when Kang Ho Dong asked him to finish the new slang “Like, comment, subscribe, alarms”, Minho accidentally turned it into a profanity, and got both parties embarrassed. (The “like, comment” part of “like, comment, subscribe, alarms” is similar in pronunciation to “we’re fu..”, and Minho added, “..cked”).

On the other hand, episode 22 of “Just Come Out”, starring Song Minho, will be released at 8 pm (KST) on November 9th.

Source: wikitree

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