This actress became popular after appearing on the screen for 2 seconds as an audience

Back when she was a student, this actress appeared as the audience of a TV show for only 2 seconds, yet gained explosive response. 

It was recently reported that actress Lee Na Young would return to the small screen after 4 years, and netizens responded enthusiastically.

In particular, the actress has been casted as the female lead in “Park Ha Kyung’s Journey”, an upcoming drama directed by Lee Jong Pil, who created the famous movie “Samjin Company English Class”. Here, Lee Na Young will assume the role of Korean teacher Park Ha Kyung, who goes on a one-day trip on Saturdays when she wants to disappear.

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Starring alongside Lee Na Young in her cheerful trip are supporting actors Koo Sung Hwan, Han  Ye Ri, Gil Hae Yeon, and Seo Hyun Woo, raising expectations. 

Lee Na Young was cast on the street in the 1990s and debuted as a model for a jeans brand. She began her acting career by taking on minor roles in music videos, one-act plays, and sitcoms, and used to be a model alongside famous actor Jo In Sung. 

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Lee Na Young made her official debut in 1999 with the MBC drama “Did We Really Love?” and appeared in the SBS drama “Queen” in the same year. She was also chosen as an advertisement model for a cosmetics brand at the same time, turning the actress into a “CF Queen”.  

It is said that Lee Na Young drew attention to her appearance even before her debut. In particular, the actress previously visited the KBS2 music talk show “Sora Lee’s Propose” as an audience member, but was caught on camera for about 2 seconds and gained massive attention.

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At the time, Lee Na Young’s outstanding appearance made a deep mark despite her short screen time. This moment of hers is discussed even today, as the actress looks no different from the present, even though it has been about 26 years. 

In the past, actor Lee Jong Suk often mentioned Lee Na Young as his ideal type, though it was recently revealed that the actor is dating idol-actress IU. Notably, Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young eventually worked together in the 2019 tvN drama “Romance is a Bonus Book”. 

In “Romance is a Bonus Book”, Lee Na Young played the role of Kang Dani, successfully completing her comeback to the small screen after 9 years of absence. Here, the actress  delivered realistic and lovely acting, earning praises from viewers.

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On the other hand, Lee Na Young became the object of envy to many people in 2013, when her relationship with famous actor Won Bin was revealed. The couple later held a private wedding ceremony in Jeongseon, Gangwon-do in 2015.

The wedding of the two huge stars drew attention for being a small outdoor wedding, which was not common for celebrities. Lee Na Young and Won Bin ended up tying the knot in a romantic wedding ceremony in a wheat field in Gangwon-do, gaining the admiration of many.

Source: Daum 

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