This actor and actress, who were loved as a couple in “We Got Married”, reunited after 8 years. 

This couple, who once starred in “We Got Married” together, had a nice reunion 8 years after. 

On the September 23rd broadcast of KBS2’s entertainment program “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant” (hereinafter referred to as “Fun-Staurant”), the results of a competition for the launch of a new winning menu will be revealed.

Previously in a recent recording of “Fun-Staurant”, a “Special Menu Evaluation Team” was formed to select the winner dishes. 

we got married

With cast members of the KBS2’s weekend drama “Three Bold Siblings” starring as guests, the studio of “Fun-Staurant” was particularly noisy with actress Kim So Eun‘s appearance.

This is because Kim So Eun once appeared as a “couple” with one of “Fun-Staurant” main chefs, actor Song Jae Rim, in the show “We Got Married” 8 years ago. At the time, they were nicknamed “the Sorim couple”, and received great love from the audience. On top of this, the two also appeared in a drama as a married couple, and worked together in a romance series. 

we got married

On this day, actress Kim So Eun received an enthusiastic welcome, while Song Jae Rim bursted into laughter at her agitated reaction. Kim So Eun, who was preparing her menu evaluation at “the blind room”, then said, “It’s his voice, which I have heard a lot of laughter from.. It has already been 8 years.”

kim so eun

In the end, Song Jae Rim approached Kim So Eun in the blind room and greeted her affectionately, drawing attention by showing off his close friendship. 

Meanwhile, Kim So Eun was able to tell Song Jae Rim’s menu apart at once during the menu evaluation process, leading to a “couple’s quarrel”. As the two’s “loving chemistry” fill the air, the studio of “Fun-Staurant” became a sea of laughter. 

song jae min

The reunion of Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim can be seen in the September 23rd broadcast of “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant”, which will air at 8:30 pm (KST).

Source: wikitree

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