Things that other groups’ fandoms are currently leaving at Moonbin’s memorial space

K-POP fans comforted the late Moonbin's fans.

Recently, K-POP fans visited Moonbin’s memorial space and left water, snacks and comfort letters for AROHAs (ASTRO’s fandom). This was revealed on April 27th when a netizen took pictures and posted them on the online community “theqoo”.

In the photos, snack packages and notes left by SHINee’s fans stood out. The consolation of those who shared similar pain was touching.

A visitor who said he/she is a fan of the late Jonghyun confessed, “After spending a few days thinking about it, I came here with courage as I saw other SHINee fans come. I think there will be many people who cannot take care of their health because they are suffering from pain. I didn’t prepare much, but I hope you get energized with water and sugar. I would appreciate it if you could share it with those who are dizzy. It’s getting hot, so please move it to the shade if the sunlight comes in. I hope all seasons of AROHAs will be full of moonlight.” He/she left water, hot packs and various snacks that can recharge sugar.

Another Jonghyun fan said, “I’m leaving chocolates because I’m concerned that some of you might skip a meal. I prepared enough, so please take a piece and enjoy it.

One SHINee fan shared, “I’m a SHINee fan. I met Moonbin a few times because of work. He’s humble, kind, innocent and has such a pretty smile. I’ll remember the warm and lovely Moonbin for the rest of my life. I’m leaving snacks for AROHAs.

Other K-POP fans also followed. One visitor left snacks, saying, “I’m another artist’s fan who was just passing by. I hope AROHAs eat something sweet and gain strength. He (Moonbin) was so pretty and shining even to other artists’ fans. I’ll always remember him.

Another visitor provided ramen and snacks, saying, “I found out about Moonbin’s favorite snack. I prepared a simple dinner for the fans who stopped by here today. Please take it and take care of your health. Above all, take care of your mind.

A BTS fan also left a note, “I hope AROHAs can grieve to their hearts’ content.

Moonbin (born in 1998) was found dead at his home in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on April 19th. He was twenty-five years old.

Moonbin debuted with boy group ASTRO in 2016. He performed songs such as “Hide & Seek”, “Again”, “One & Only”, “One” and “Candy Sugar Pop”.

Source: Wikitree

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