“Shouldn’t we stop them?” The unexpected situation that took place on the 2022 SBS Entertainment Awards live broadcast

Choo Sung Hoon and Kim Dong Hyun shocked everyone with their “fight” during the live broadcast of the 2022 SBS Entertainment Awards.

On December 17th, the 2022 SBS Entertainment Awards, a festival for entertainers, was held at SBS Prism Tower in Mapo-gu, Seoul. The members of SBS’s new martial arts variety show “Pure Fighter”, Choo Sung Hoon, Kim Dong Hyun, Choi Doo Ho, Lee Yong Jin and Jung Chan Sung, attended the event.

choo sung hoon

MC Lee Hyun Yi said, “They are the ones who will be responsible for the best scenes of SBS entertainment programs in the future”, the cast then appeared after a short trailer.

Introducing the program, Kim Dong Hyun said, “We will become mentors for various applicants, including celebrities, athletes, students, and office workers, and you can see the process of them being reborn as real fighters”. Jung Chan Sung added, “You’ll be thrilled if you watch the show”, raising expectations.

kim dong hyun

Lee Yong Jin then asked Choo Sung Hoon and Kim Dong Hyun for an impromptu demonstration of a martial arts program. 

Choo Sung Hoon and Kim Dong Hyun immediately warmed up lightly. Soon after Choi Doo Ho stood in the middle and shouted “Fight”, the two faced off as if they were in the actual ring. First, Choo Sung Hoo threatened Kim Dong Hyun with a fierce fist. Surprised by the sudden situation, the MCs looked worried.

choo sung hoon kim dong hyun

Kim Dong Hyun then rushed toward Choo Sung Hoon. He lifts Choo Sung Hoon’s left leg slightly and knocked him down. Kim Dong Hyun punched as if it were a real fight, and Choo Sung Hoon defended himself with his hands after falling down.

choo sung hoon kim dong hyun 2022 entertainment awards

All the entertainers at the event were shocked by the two’s unexpected fighting demonstration. MC Jang Do Yeon shouted, “Shouldn’t we stop them?”, and Lee Hyun Yi also said, “Can we go out there and stop them? We’re on a live broadcast…” Even Tak Jae Hoon commented, “I was taken aback”. In the end, Choi Doo Ho stopped the fight. 

choo sung hoon kim dong hyun 2022 entertainment awards

Finishing the demonstration, Kim Dong Hyun explained, “It looks like a fight, but it’s actually a sport. After a match, we hug and cheer for each other”

Meanwhile, new entertainment show “Pure Fighter” will premiere at 10:40 p.m. on December 21st. 

choo sung hoon kim dong hyun 2022 entertainment awards
choo sung hoon kim dong hyun 2022 entertainment awards

Source: Daum

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