The U.S Media casts attention on Jungkook for his new black hair

BTS fan club ARMY is very sensitive to changes of the members. One of them is the black hairstyle of member Jung-kook.

At the BTS’s “Love Yourself” concert held at Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium on the 8th, Jungkook unveiled his black hair for the first time.

When he arrived in Taiwan, he still had bright brown hair, but when he was on stage, he changed his hairstyle to black hair. Even thou Jungkook only made some changes to the reddish brown that he enjoyed recently, the ARMYs still fell for it.

The U.S Media casts attention on Jungkook for his new black hair

Regarding this, U.S. media Elite Daily reported on Monday (local time) about the hairstyles of BTS members.

According to Elite Daily, ARMY responded with “Jung-kook arrived in Taiwan with bright brown hair, after that it’s black hair,” and “BTS stylists are working harder.”

According to this media source, “Most fans were fascinated by the change on Twitter. Black hair, Jungkook, that’s it.’ ‘Jung-kook has black hair. My prayers have been answered ‘ and one fan said, ‘His black hair…His golden forehead…His handsome face…I can’t breathe’.”

This is not the first time that Jung-kook has changed his hair color this year. Last June, he surprised fans with bright red color and then dyed his hair blonde in the summer. The last time he had black hair was in the spring of 2018 when all the BTS members had dark hair.
Jungkook isn’t the only BTS member who showed his iridescent hair this year. V recently introduced red hair at a local music fair, and Jimin dyed his hair dark blue in October.

The U.S Media casts attention on Jungkook for his new black hair

“K-pop group members change their hair color to indicate that something big is happening or to match the appearance of a new single or album,” the media explained.

K-pop stars also change their hair, make-up and clothes based on the concept of new songs or albums. In just a year, they can dye their hair almost 12 different colors depending on how many songs they release.

And the colors are never picked at random. Stylists said they worked closely with record companies for months to strategically determine the next hair color for all members of the group.

Elite Daily said: “To bring participation, attention, and tension to fans, stars are constantly changing their hairstyles and looks. I am sure that whatever Jungkook and other BTS members do in the future will be a huge success.

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