The truth behind Jungkook, Song Mino going to clubs: Are idols just victims of false news sources?

While Dispatch’s article caused Song Mino to be misunderstood, Jungkook was a victim of false rumors originating from the online community.

 In recent days, when the number of COVID-19 infected cases in South Korea began to rise again after a period of effective government control of the pandemic, many celebrities became the focus of intense criticism when they were accused of going to bars, especially the bars at the Itaewon outbreak, during social distancing. Some admitted and apologized to the public, while others are victims of groundless rumors or misunderstandings.

After Park Gyuri (former KARA member), Song Mino (WINNER) was strongly criticized after Dispatch reported that the male idol performed at a bar in Yangyang, Gangwon Province during social distancing. Numerous comments on the Internet have criticized Song Mino for allegedly not complying with the government’s preventive measures amid the pandemic. But recently, it has been discovered that some of the information in Dispatch’s exclusive article about Song Mino turned out to be false.

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On online forums, some pointed out that the place Mino went to is not a bar.  Netizens have found the location, showing that it is just a guest house.  The first 4 floors are used for guest accommodation, while the 5th floor is a “house club”, where guests staying there can enjoy private parties together. An acquaintance of Song Mino invited him there and the male idol only sang 2 songs for about 30 people in the guesthouse.

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Although the gathering of people during this period is also considered a type of violation of social distancing, fans are condemning Dispatch because the news site has exaggerated the truth, causing negative comments targeting Song Mino to become a lot more severe. Many fans are also angry that Dispatch made Mino look like a “criminal” spreading the virus across the country, while all he did was perform his songs at a guest house.

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If Song Mino is the victim of the exaggerated information by Dispatch, then Jungkook (BTS) is a victim of false rumors being spread online.  A few days ago, the social media was taken by surprise with rumors of Jungkook (along with ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo) going to a bar in Itaewon from the night of April 25 to the morning of April 26. The screenshot of the message was said to be derived from a conversation between an international fan and the bar in the story, making netizens more likely to believe this rumor.

Shortly after, Korean media reported (although their identities were not specified) details that many witnesses confirmed the presence of two famous male idols at the Itaewon bar at the time.  But right after this news became a hot topic, the person who was said to be the first one to spread the rumor apologized.

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