The times when Kpop female idols laughed so hard regardless of their image

There are even many strange smiles that make fans “scared”.

Female idols always appear neat and perfect in public. However, with a funny and muddy personality, despite the usual perfect image, many idols have many times shown off their laughter in front of the camera. Although every time they laugh in this way, K-pop beauties will blow away all their usual perfect image, this makes fans feel closer.

Times when female idols laugh regardless of their image.

Irene (Red Velvet)

Irene is famous as a female idol with a cold personality, calm appearance, and an introverted personality. However, only those who have followed her for a long time can understand that behind the image of the “ice queen“, Irene is very funny and lovely.

Irene’s cold, mysterious face that non-fans know about. 
Irene Red Velvet-smile
Every time Irene laughs, she makes fans laugh as well.

Irene‘s muddy personality has many times made fans laugh. In particular, her funny smile makes fans unable to hold back. Possessing gorgeous beauty, but in everyday life, the female idol still relentlessly laughs regardless of her image. The goddess that attracts many advertising contracts became the owner of a series of humorous memes.

Irene Red Velvet-smile
In a series of behind-the-scenes photos of the new album, Irene forgot her image again. 


Possessing a bright and sociable personality, Lisa always appears in front of fans with a bright smile on her lips. However, with the quick hands of the fans, a series of Lisa’s laugh-out-loud moments were recorded.

Lisa Blackpink birthday in Thailand
Lisa’s valuable face that can make tons of money.
Lisa Backpink-smile
But sometimes Lisa forgets to keep the image.

The female idol’s defiant smile makes the audience feel happy too. Being next to Lisa, everyone feels the strongly radiating positive energy. Looking at the photos taken by fans, everyone complimented her to be as lovely as ever.

Wheein (MAMAMOO)

Wheein is one of the female idols who has the most hilarious laugh for fans. In particular, fans often tease that the female idol can disappear from the frame every time she laughs. Through the clips, many fans think that Wheein‘s laughter is both cute and makes people shiver.

Wheein Mamamoo-smile
Wheein often laughs defiantly and has a habit of throwing her face up.
Wheein Mamamoo-smile
Fans are already familiar with this ultimate laugh of Wheein. 

NingNing (aespa)

NingNing is a female idol of the monster rookie aespa that is storming the K-pop race today. The group’s main vocal is noticed by the public thanks to her clear voice and ability to master the high notes.

aespa NingNing
Rookie NingNing has a sweet, clear voice.
NingNing aespa-smile
She surprised fans with her comedy moments. 

Besides, NingNing is also known as the “Entertainment sprout” of Kbiz. She possesses all the humorous qualities of a genuine gen Z idol. In addition to the expressions that create trends online, NingNing also causes fever with a brand smile that makes it difficult for fans to bear. No fan can’t help but laugh when hearing NingNing‘s hilarious and contagious laugh.

NingNing aespa-smile
Netizens commented that NingNing is a genuine gen Z idol. 

Dahyun (TWICE)

It is impossible not to include TWICE’s Dahyun when it comes to female idols with the most “memeish” laughing moments. Fans love it when Dahyun laughs with her mouth wide open and eyes almost closed. Among TWICE members, Dahyun always radiates positive energy that brightens up the atmosphere. She is indeed a “fluffball of sunshine” and her smile is like a vitamin, making fans feel better when they are in a bad mood. 

Dahyun Twice-smile
Dahyun’s big smile is what fans love about her 
Dahyun Twice-smile
She is the group’s moodmaker

Hyeri (Girl’s Day)

Hyeri has the most iconic expressions among female idols. Whenever she opens her mouth, fans easily get another meme. Hyeri doesn’t mind having her beautiful idol image ruined. She likes to laugh comfortably in front of the camera, sometimes too much which makes fans feel “embarrassed” on behalf of their idol. 

Hyeri Girl's Day-smile
Hyeri’s laughs are often used by fans as memes
Hyeri Girl's Day-smile
But there are still times when Hyeri smiles softly too 

Yura (Girl’s Day)

Besides Hyeri, Girl’s Day’s Yura also looks totally different from her usual goddess-like image whenever she shows her big smile. Yura often plays arrogant and fierce female characters in K-dramas, but off-screen, she is a total cutie. 

Yura Girl's Day-smile
Yura is famous for her visuals 
Yura Girl's Day-smile
But when she smiles, she looks like a child 

Chaeyeon (IZ*ONE)

Former IZ*ONE member Chaeyeon has one of the most unforgettable laughs. Whenever she finds something funny, Chaeyeon would laugh with her face up and mouth wide open. Her cool image on stage would immediately be thrown away in moments like this.  

Chaeyeon Izone-smile
Chaeyeon’s funny and adorable laughs in front of the camera 
Chaeyeon Izone-smile
The famous Chaeyeon meme that is saved by every fan
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