The state of pre-orders of two top girl groups

TWICE and BLACKPINK are neck and neck in pre-order figures for their upcoming albums 

August is generating much heat as two major generation 3 girl groups are making their anticipated comebacks. 

On  August 24th, TWICE’s 11th album “BETWEEN 1&2” surpassed 1 million stock pre-orders. Compared to their previous album, the figure increased by 300 000. TWICE’s accumulative album sales in Korea is predicted to increase to 10 million. With this number, TWICE is also the third girl group in history to reach the 1-million-pre-order milestone, after BLACKPINK and aespa

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TWICE’s album reached 1 million pre-orders prior to their MV release 

For BLACKPINK, up to August 25th, their 2nd album pre-order figure surpassed 2 million pre-orders. With this number, BLACKPINK officially broke the record and became the girl group with the highest pre-order album in Kpop history. It is still 3 weeks until the release and their company also wishes the group can reach 3 million pre-orders before September 16th. 

BLACKPINK broke the record of female group with the highest album pre-order figure, at 2 million pre-orders

Top 5 albums from Kpop girl group with the highest preorder numbers: 

  • 1. Born Pink – BLACKPINK: 2 000 000 
  • 2. Girls – aespa: 1 610 517 
  • 3. The Album – BLACKPINK – 1 028 888 
  • 4. Between 1&2 – TWICE: 1 000 000 
  • 5. Checkmate – ITZY: 720 665 

However, there is a controversy between the figures of BLACKPINK and TWICE. Whereas TWICE only releases 4 album sets, YG is releasing the digipack versions unique to each BLACKPINK’s members, apart from their album releases. However, on August 18th, “BORN PINK” reached 1.5 million pre-orders in 1 week. 

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Netizens’ opinions:

  • Mismatched by comparison, BLACKPINK released more versions. 
  • Of course BLACKPINK has more advantages. 
  • BLACKPINK already sold 1 million copies for their previous albums, their “BORN PINK” also recorded 1.5 million copies before a digipack release. What is there to compare? 
  • This is TWICE’s first time to achieve a million copies, right? 
  • Even without their digipack, BLACKPINK still leads in the female group section.

Source: Pann 

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