“The Roundup” actor Heo Dong Won announces his marriage 

Heo Dong Won is about to become a married man. 

Heo Dong Won posted on his Instagram on September 2nd, saying, “I’m getting married next year. I’m a little cautious about letting you know early because there’s still a lot of time left, but I hope you’ll show me your warm support.”

He continued, “My parents were always worried that I would give ones’ precious daughter a hard time, but I met someone who I want to go through difficulties with. Please give me and the bride-to-be your blessings, as we will be each other’s most precious friend for the rest of our lives.”

Heo Dong Won added, “As an actor who does his best in any field with a sincere heart, I will do my best to give you joy, laughter and happiness through my acting. I will greet you with positive energy anytime, anywhere.”

Lastly, Heo Dong Won said, “I will always pray for you to be healthy and happy. I will live without forgetting my gratitude for you.”

Meanwhile, Heo Dong Won plays an active role as Detective Oh Dong Gyun in the box office hit “The Roundup”. The movie reached 10 million admissions in cinemas this year. In addition, he made a special appearance as Shin Il Soo, who commissioned a lottery distribution case in the popular drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and left a strong impression.

Source: dispatch

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