The reason why IVE Jang Won-young is surprised by Yoon Park’s words 

Netizens expressed their admiration for IVE Jang Won-young’s variety show ability.

Point of Omniscient Interfere

On MBC’s entertainment program “Point of Omniscient Interfere” which aired on April 9th, IVE Yu-jin, Won-young and actor Yoon Park appeared as guests.

On this day’s broadcast, Yoon Park revealed that he suffered from alopecia areata while playing a bad character in JTBC’s drama “Forecasting Love and Weather“. Yoon Park explained to Won-young and Yu-jin about his character, “I have a girlfriend whom I dated for 10 years. I had an affair in my newlywed house and married another woman after 2 months.”

Jang Won-young made Yoon Park bewildered by reacting loudly to his words. When Song Eun-yi said “Won-young is surprised whenever the word ‘alopecia areata’ comes out”, Jang Won-young replied tactfully, “I thought you were calling me. Did you call me?” (alopecia areata = wonhyung talmo)

Netizens who watched the broadcast left comments such as “It’s cute that Won-young is surprised by Yoon Park’s words”, “She’s pretty when she’s surprised by his hair loss” and “It’s amazing that she responds to all those jokes.”

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