Isn’t it obvious that Ki Seon-ho did force an abortion? But the public’s attention is being distracted by Choi Young-ah’s private life reveals

Those who claim to be acquaintances of actor Kim Seon-ho are obscuring the incident’s essence by revealing the truth about his ex-girlfriend Choi’s private life.

Recently, a post titled Kim Seon-ho caught viral” was published in various online communities. This post contained a screenshot picture of search results for “injustice of actor Kim Seon-ho in the Dispatch’s article” on the portal site. As a result of entering the search word, many posts with similar content appeared.

The author of the post wrote, “You turned Kim Seon-ho into an ‘abortion trash’, dropped him into the abyss and said it’s a misunderstanding? Dispatch finally revealed it. Therefore, it’s right to take a neutral point of view. I think Kim Seon-ho has done enough, but all the commercials went away and he had to drop out of variety shows as well as being blurred out just because of his ex-girlfriend. This made me really angry.”

Kim Seon-ho

In the meantime, Dispatch published an article titled ‘”We ask Choi Young-ah…Kim Seon-ho, 12 distorted truths” on Oct 26. OPs argued that public opinion has completely changed since Dispatch’s article. It was not known whether it was a viral or an organized plan of some fans, but they were forming another wave of public opinion.

Kim Seon-ho
Kim Seon-ho

Earlier, the entertainment media Dispatch said in an article that Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend was Choi Young-ah, a former weather caster, and that she crew many troubles for Kim Seon-ho due to her problems with men and need for an extravagant life, and that abortion was also discussed and agreed by the two. As a result, concerns are raised over invasion of privacy and excessive personal identity as the blaming arrow goes to the ex-girlfriend. However, the privacy of the ex-girlfriend is irrelevant to this case, and it seems that it is not enough to erase the fact that Kim Seon-ho was indeed the person who suggested the abortion.

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