Ailee drew explosive reactions with her singing ability and high-quality live performance on “K-909”

Singer Ailee proved her dignity as a “diva” with high-quality live performance.

Ailee appeared on JTBC’s music program “K-909”, which aired on October 1st, pleasing the viewers by introducing a special stage with her juniors.

Appearing as a representative of vocalists in their 30s, Ailee prepared a special stage with Lily and Yuju, who represent singers of the 10s and 20s generations. 

Ailee gave delicate directing for their collaboration stage considering the vocal characteristics of her juniors Lily and Yuju, showing her passionate appearance. She presented a powerful performance of NMIXX’s “O.O”, a pop song with mixed genres, boasting her amazing singing ability and giving off extraordinary charms that didn’t allow the viewers to take their eyes off her.

When MC BoA asked about their choice of doing a “band live” on the stage, Ailee said, “Since the three of us have different colors, we chose it to make our vocals stand out”, adding “We also participated in rearranging the song”, expressing her love for the juniors. In addition, Ailee also sang “Evening Sky” live at the request of “singing a verse of a song that suits autumn”, filling the atmosphere with the autumn vibe.

Lastly, Ailee sang the OST “This is Me” of “The Greatest Showman” on another special stage she prepared with junior singers. In front of the background reminiscent of a movie, Ailee’s unique and powerful singing ability and explosive high notes left a strong impression on the viewers. Her charismatic appearance while fully enjoying the stage gave the audience passionate and positive energy as well as excitement. 

Source: daum

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